IoT Social Impact Award

Recognizing the use of IoT to build a better world

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Shortlist companies

We are delighted to announce the shortlisted companies for the IoT Social Impact Award. These entries are now open to the IoT industry to vote for the winner of the IoT Social Impact Award!

Below you will find some information on each company and why they have been shortlisted. Once you have decided who you think deserves to win this award, you can submit your vote below!


SupPlant’s unique AI-powered system uses an advanced algorithm that analyzes live data from plants, soil, and meteorology sensors, and translates it into irrigation recommendations and actionable insights. Vote for me

TT Electronics & ZapCarbon

ZapCarbon is trailblazing a simple but effective solution to widespread fuel poverty and air quality problems in social housing communities. The Healthy Homes Sensor monitors the home environment, keeping residents safe and healthy while reducing carbon Vote for me

mOm Incubators

mOm is enabling global access to high-quality healthcare by integrating IOT into our flagship product, the mOm Essential Incubator, a cost-effective and lightweight infant incubator for developing and developed countries. Vote for me

Ulmer Nest

Ulmer Nest is a connected emergency sleeping pod tightly integrated in municipal social processes, to provide additional support in hypothermia death prevention in homeless people. Vote for me

Wolkus Technology Solutions

Fasal is the first full-stack solution for horticulture farmers that combines innovative IoT hardware with AI-powered agronomic models to provide accurate farm level, crop-specific, and crop stage-specific actionable insights to help farmers grow more and grow better. Vote for me


Capte provides end-to-end-telemetry solutions, based on its in-house designed hardware and software platform. We help companies in transportation, construction, marine, production and other industries to get the data from their assets, deliver it to the cloud and process it representing in the form of actionable alerts and dashboards. Vote for me


Acellent is the global leader in Structural Health Monitoring, which uses sensor-based technology and intelligent diagnostic algorithms to detect and monitor damage. Acellent’s end-to-end solution ensures the integrity and safety of structures by identifying damage, analyzing severity, and managing the lifecycle of structures. Using artificial intelligence and IoT, Acellent can connect physical structures to assess damage from anywhere in the world. Stay alert anytime, anywhere, about your structure’s condition. Vote for me

Woodco Bioscience

Woodco Bioscience has developed a pioneering Sanitation Data Management Platform for developing economies where the latest innovations in smart analytics and IoT sensors have revolutionised off-grid sanitation and using AI we can better understand the interplay between toilet user behaviour, sanitation management, and local environmental factors that give rise to risk of disease. Vote for me


Controlant monitors and safely distributes a major pharmaceutical manufacturer’s COVID-19 vaccines with our Cold Chain as a Service ® solution as these pharmaceuticals travel globally through the ultra-cold supply chain. Our solution is designed to keep patients and consumers safe by ensuring product quality conditions, minimizing product risks, and achieving shorter release times, enabling pharmaceuticals to get to patients faster. Vote for me

Maji Milele

Maji Milele improves sustainability for private and public water supply companies by providing prepaid water metering and smart metering solutions.  We are a for-profit social enterprise with a mission to provide access to safe water for all Kenyan people forever. Vote for me